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Sucher Legal Has Your Back

You have been seriously injured in an accident. Suddenly, your world is turned upside down. You are in pain, unable to work, pay your bills, or support your family. You don’t know what to do or who to turn to. You feel isolated and alone. The legal system is a complex, intimidating and unfamiliar realm. You have no money to pay an attorney. Who can you trust? Stop worrying. Our firm has provided the help needed by hundreds of clients over more than 30 years.

We Work for YOU

We have the knowledge, experience and time-tested success that sets us apart from our competitors. This is what we do. Let us help you collect the compensation you deserve and allow you to focus on the important business of recovering from your injuries. We understand that most people are not in a position to hire an attorney and pay them on an hourly basis, so we tailor or fees in such a way so you do not pay us unless and until your case is resolved. This shifts the risk from you to us.

A Lawsuit is Not Necessary in Every Case

Not every claim requires a lawsuit. Oftentimes a fair out-of-court settlement can be reached without the need to file a lawsuit. In other instances, it is necessary to file suit if the responsible party is unwilling to pay what your claim is worth. Most lawsuits that are filed end up settling before trial, so if you have anxiety over the prospect of testifying in open court, don’t let that dissuade you from vigorously enforcing your rights.

No Legal Mumbo-Jumbo Spoken Here

We will be by your side throughout every phase of your claim. We will explain every step of the process in plain English that you can easily understand so that you are able to make informed decisions. This tends to empower our clients and restores a sense of equilibrium to their lives so they no longer feel afraid, overwhelmed or alone.

Superior Experience, Strength & Stability

At Sucher Legal, we have the decades of experience and resources needed to properly handle the most complex claims. However, because the practice of law is highly specialized today, no lawyer is qualified to handle every legal matter that may come his way. If we don’t possess the necessary expertise to effectively handle your claim, chances are, we will have a relationship with a firm that does and we will be happy to make a referral. We do not charge our clients for this service. We want the best for you. Call Sucher Legal today and let’s discuss how we can help you.